Supporting business is our passion.

Link HQ was founded on a goal to provide small and medium business with the support network they need to succeed.

We understand that provided with a great work space and reduced overheads being successful in business is far easier.

So one evening at the office whilst talking shop with friends we had an idea.

Why not get together and work with other small businesses to create an office space which benefits us all?

So we asked around to find out what people wanted in a work space. What made running their business easier and reduced costs? What was made the difference to their business and to their clients?

We listened, found out what people wanted.... and then we created
Link HQ.

At Link HQ each business pays one fixed monthly rental for their personal office space, which includes all utilities, parking, cleaning, Wifi, and enables us all to
operate our businesses at a fraction of the cost of doing it on your own.

A modern fully serviced, fully furnished office, gives us a professional look and a work space which caters to all our needs.

The low monthly cost of allows us to reinvest the money we would otherwise spend back into our businesses and offers a fantastic opportunity to network and gain referrals, building a sound client base.
Experience the difference at Link HQ.


At Link HQ we understand how difficult getting started in business can be, and once you are established how important it is to find the right contacts and maintain a sound client base. 

Link HQ was created to provide the best in customer service and care during times which often pose significant challenges.

To assist in making your business run smoothly the Team  at Link HQ prides itself on providing a number of key office services, including:
Full and Part Time Serviced Office Rental, Virtual Address and Mail Collection. 

We offer flexibility with our services easily tailored to your requirements.