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What makes you different from other serviced office providers?

Tenants enjoy these with our compliments. Coffee pods, tea and coffee making facilities including milk/soy/almond milk, filtered water, parking for you and your tenants, lollies on the front counter, up to date magazines, client lounge with tv, fresh flowers, indoor plants, WiFi* and more.

We understand what it means to run a small business. As a small business customer service is everything and we pride ourselves on being approachable to our tenants, listening and making changes where possible to ensure their happiness with the service we provide.

Networking and referrals are commonplace in this shared space. It's a nice place to work: we are very lucky to have a wonderful group of tenants and staff who provide a relaxed friendly atmosphere. 

Our offices are clean, quiet, modern and light. Appearance has a large influence on how your clients view you and how secure they feel employing your services. We encourage you to come and see the offices and judge for yourself. 

What our tenants need to operate their business effectively matters to us. We provide that little bit extra. In February this year we underwent a bold plan to completely renovate the office space and in so doing significant consultation with existing and future tenants was undertaken to establish what they wanted and needed in a work environment. 

How do I rent a serviced office?

Contact us by email, by phone (08) 6107 6500 or by pressing the "Contact Us" button below. If an office is available, we will verify your details, organise any additional services you may require (such as WiFi password, printer access, catering, telephone number or receptionist), and book your preferred date /time. We respond to all enquiries, phone or email, as soon as is possible, most often within 2 hours of receiving your message. If you need an urgent booking or have not heard from us within 24 hours please phone (08) 6107 6500 or email us as your message may have not arrived. 

Can I book a time to see the office?

Absolutely. We are only too happy to meet at your convenience to show you the offices. 

If you would like to view the offices please contact us at,  or if you would prefer to talk to someone sooner, please phone us on (08) 6107 6500. If we are on another call please leave your name and contact number with one of our friendly receptionists and we will attend to your enquiry as soon as our client liaison staff become available.

Is there a minimum term to rent an office?

Offices at Link HQ are completely flexible. Tailor made packages are available to suit your business. You can occupy office space on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. There is no costly bond. You do not have to sign up for a minimum period. Different rates apply depending on the length of the tenancy. Simply the longer the stay the less it costs. Our boardroom has a minimum booking period of 2 hours.

What is included in the tenancy?

We understand how important looking professional is to your business. Your Serviced Office includes:

  • Fully furnished modern office

  • Free WiFi

  • Fully ducted reverse cycle air conditioning

  • Secure Access

  • Free Parking for you and your clients

  • Fully ducted reverse cycle heating

  • Free Coffee machine use including free coffee pods

  • Reception room with up to date publications

  • Mail collection

I want an office Full Time, what do you offer?

A full time serviced is your space and yours alone with 24/7 secure access. We offer private, modern, single and double occupancy, fully serviced offices to our clients.

  • Fully furnished modern office

  • No costly bond

  • All inclusive flat fee monthly rental ( no extra cost for utilities)

  • Free WiFi

  • Fully ducted reverse cycle air conditioning and heating

  • Secure 24/7 Access (work when it suits you)

  • Free Parking for you and your clients

  • Space for your business cards at reception

  • Space for your business sticker on the front door (*size limit applies max 15cm x 40cm)

  • Lanier multi function business photocopier - located in the printer area.

  • Free Coffee machine use including free coffee pods

  • Free soft drink (fair use policy applies)

  • Kitchen facilities including microwave, refrigerator etc

  • Reception room with up to date publications

  • Mail collection

  • Network hub - opportunity to meet with other tenants, creating valuable business contacts and referrals.

  • As a full time tenant you can opt to bring in your own furniture, artwork and add your own unique style to your new office.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is both a physical and mailing address for your business. People who use this service often:

  • Work from home and for security or other reasons want an alternative address to give their business network and client base.
  • Are starting a new business, don't have a business premises yet, and need an address other than their home address to apply for business name and registration, and to use as a mailing address until they get established.
  • Established businesses wishing to create a modern professional look for their clients.
  • Those businesses who need a secure mail collection service.
  • Interstate or overseas business wanting a business presence in Perth and Fremantle.

How do I apply for a Virtual Office?

It's simple. Contact us at or by pressing the contact us button below. We will respond within 24 hours, verify your details, organise any additional services (such as mail forwarding), and arrange your start date. Alternatively if you would like to talk to someone sooner please contact us on (08) 6107 6500

I don't need a serviced office or virtual office can I still hire the Boardroom?

Yes, the meeting room is available to anyone who may require it. Contact us to arrange a booking and to discuss any additional requirements, such as catering, receptionist, photocopying etc. The meeting room can be hired hourly, daily or weekly. Our boardroom has a minimum booking period of 2 hours.


1st Floor, 7 / 42 Ladner St 

O'Connor W.A. 6163

Phone: (08) 6107 6500